In 1926, a small group of women led by Deborah D. Weisel started an Art Study Club. Today, we have those ladies to thank for the Springfield Art Museum.

The Springfield Art Museum is the city’s oldest cultural institution intent on continuing the legacy of art appreciation, preservation and education that began with the vision and dedication of that special group of women.

On June 26, 1928, the group successfully incorporated as the Springfield Art Museum and immediately introduced Springfield to traveling exhibits from New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis and more. Eighteen years later (1946), the Art Study Club deeded the museum to the city.
Museum Growth
As a city department, the Springfield Art Museum continued to grow and find its permanent home in Phelps Grove Park with the largest gallery dedicated to Ms. Weisel.

Today, the Springfield Art Museum continues to honor the legacy of the Art Study Group by expanding community outreach and introducing people of all ages to the beauty, wonder and imagination of art. The staff — both past and present — is fully committed to the Museum’s mission:

Our Mission, Vision, & Values
The Springfield Art Museum is dedicated to enhancing the education and documenting the cultural heritage of the people of southwest Missouri through the collection, preservation and exhibition of art objects. We are stewards of the community’s most valuable cultural treasures, and the future of the museum and its programs continues to be brighter than ever.  Click here to learn more about the Museum's Mission, Vision, and Values.

Strategic Plan
In 2014, the Springfield Art Museum launched an ambitious Strategic Plan.  It is focused on five key areas of growth including: 1) Visibility & External Relations, 2) Collections Management, 3) Building & Grounds, 4) Audience Experience, and 5) Financial Growth.

Download our Strategic Plan Brochure to find out more.  A full copy of the Strategic Plan can be found here.

Springfield Art Museum Board of Directors

  • Christopher Weiss, Chair
  • Linda Passeri, Vice-Chair
  • Jennifer Kennally, Secretary
  • Kirk Elmquist
  • Alia Lee
  • Bill Hedrick
  • Norene Rinker
  • Tim Rosenbury
  • Jeff Schmitt
For more information about the Art Museum Board or to apply for board service, visit the City of Springfield website: www.springfieldmo.gov.